Designing the world’s most advanced blood-group analysis system

STATx combines two technologies to perform multiple blood tests simultaneously. Used in small to medium sized pathology laboratories, the instrument provides rapid identification of blood types for blood transfusions.  It is capable of managing the complete workflow of blood analysis from sample preparation through to the presentation of test results to a laboratory or hospital computer. All while ensuring safe sample handling and data integrity.

STATx is a major advancement in pathology systems. The device is revolutionary due to its compact size (less than half of competitors), and speed of processing. Physically, it is unique with all core components- such as camera, scanner, work tray, touch screen, barcode reader and Wi-Fi connectivity all integrated into one ready to use product.


  • Redefine this class of blood type reader
  • Enhance usability and workflow
  • Reduce the size of existing automated blood type analysis systems


  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Compact size occupies less than half the space of existing versions
  • All core components integrated into a single unit
  • Touch screen display & pivoting scanning device simplify testing process
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard
  • LED’s indicate power and readiness of scanner/imaging devices


  • Design strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Medical Device Design/ Medical Product Design
  • Graphic User Interface and information design
  • Product Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling sourcing
  • Warwick Brown
  • Lorrin Windahl
  • Ricardo Figari
  • Daniel Booker
  • Steve Martinuzzo

Faster, smaller, with more features under the hood

STATx uses Lateral Flow and Gel technology to provide fast, safe and reliable results. Intuitive GUI guides users through the recommended workflow and mimics the physical sample tray arrangement used in laboratories. Results are combined into one file providing a complete clinical picture.

In partnership with associates Axxin, Cobalt incorporated several technologies to improve productivity and reduce operator error. The compact size, integrated components, speed of processing and workflow management make Lateral Grifols STATx the most advanced blood grouping system of its type in the world, setting a new benchmark for blood group serology.

On a styling and design level, this system bases itself on a professional and elegant design language with signature elements that can be applied to future instruments within the family. The base of unit has been designed to connect additional components and the touch screen has been angled for user comfort and visibility.

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