Smart custom vehicle for one of Victoria’s biggest projects

The West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP) is a major road project that will relieve traffic congestion in Melbourne’s inner west.

To keep the public updated on the latest news during the construction, Cobalt worked with the WGTP construction companies building the project, CPB Contractors and John Holland Joint Venture, to design and supply their Mobile Info Hub – an innovative community engagement solution that reaches communities across the project’s footprint.

The WGTP Mobile Info Hub is geared toward simplicity and mobility, building off Cobalt’s experience with automotive projects like the Innovito van, which won the 2016 Mercedes Benz ‘Hack My Van’ competition. Applying our Design Thinking process, Cobalt converted a Mercedes-Benz Vito van into a mobile code teaching environment, complete with lightweight fold-out desks and 3D printers.

Similar to our winning concept, the WGTP Mobile Info Hub is a self-contained ‘pop-up’ installation that can be driven between community events and provides people with an important hands-on experience to facilitate their knowledge of the project. It positively draws people and families into the space, creating a great first impression and making the Mobile Info Hub a destination rather than an obstacle.

The WGTP Mobile Info Hub is designed to be easily set up by two people in a matter of minutes. It does this by cleverly containing everything required to set up the full display, including:

  • In-built interactive LCD screens
  • Trestle tables including a map of the project
  • A self-supporting canopy for increased interaction space, sun and rain protection
  • An easy-access fridge
  • Hidden material and equipment storage space

Vibrant graphics were chosen to wrap around the Mobile Info Hub’s exterior panels, showcasing key elements of the project and to capture the interest of passers-by. The decals also compliment the overall design of Mobile Info Hub to ensure it is seen by the community as an approachable, credible and aesthetically-pleasing source of information.

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