Tapping into our social conscience

At Cobalt we believe that, as designers and engineers, we have a social responsibility to improve the world that we live in. To support this ideal, we created our socially responsible design blog, lessbydesign.org. At its heart, socially responsible design is about less waste, less resources and less hardship – hence ‘less by design’.

Since we started the blog in 2012, we’ve heard a diverse range of voices deliver different perspectives on a vast array of topics, including resource-saving innovations, waste and recycling, as well as technology developed for positive social impact. Contributors have included our own in-house designers and engineers at Cobalt, as well as sustainability and healthcare experts.


Whilst talk is cheap (and writing blog posts is too), we have endeavoured to apply our beliefs around socially responsible design by engaging in projects that also support this philosophy. Great examples of this are the ASRC Food Justice Truck and the KeepCup product family. These are also excellent case studies in illustrating how socially responsible design can make good business sense.

Take a look at our latest post. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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