Australian Manufacturing Initiative

Cobalt is proud to launch an initiative to help companies looking to use our local manufacturers. #ManufactureAUS will give approved new clients looking to manufacture in Australia, a 15% discount for Design stages.

Globalism has been getting a bad wrap of late.  Which is kind of odd, as people have been trading with their neighbours since ancient times, and without doubt global trade has resulted in more benefits than harm.

Being world class is something to which we, our clients, and our manufacturing network aspire.  At Cobalt, we’re proud of our work with US, Asian and European-based clients; who are equally driven to innovation and excellence.  But at Cobalt we also believe trade works best between parties who have their own strong base. That’s why we’ve always believed in Australian manufacturing, and how local capabilities are an essential component of global trade.

We all know that COVID’s impact has been profound, but one positive is that more people have also started to appreciate the benefits of having a capable local manufacturing base. So to encourage companies who share our passion for design and Australian manufacturing, Cobalt is proud to offer a range of incentives under our #ManufactureAUS initiative.


For approved new clients, up until 30 October 2020 Cobalt will discount up to 15% of our Design stage fees for new product development projects which:

  • Replace imported products
  • Introduce genuinely new technology/innovation that might otherwise be made overseas
  • Includes substantive local content within products designed for export

Call out

The product could be low or high tech, conceptual or near production-ready. You might be an established leader or a disruptive start up. We don’t have any preconceptions; as long as there is a desire and logic to making the product in Australia, we’d love to hear from you.

For more information or to confidentially discuss your idea please contact us at Cobalt on + 61 9320 2200 or email

Cover image kindly supplied by Gamsee Industries, just one of Australia’s worldclass injection moulding suppliers.

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