Seriously Resilient - An important message from Cobalt

It’s clear that COVID-19’s social and economic impact is already massive. Our thoughts are with those close to us, as well as those hit harder elsewhere.

We understand that this crisis will undoubtedly cause distress to our team, clients, colleagues and suppliers; ultimately flowing onto individuals and families. In times like these it’s important to be aware of others who may be struggling more than us. Through being calmly positive; and by planning for the worse while working for the future; we are sure our collective resilience will prevail.

Although Cobalt are not a front line service in fighting this COVID-19 virus or saving lives, we believe we can contribute our part by striving to act as responsibly as possible, and supporting those who are able to administer medical attention in what will be overwhelming circumstances. So if there is anything we can do to support you, your business or collaborate on a project which tangibly relieves the current situation, please reach out.

At Cobalt, we will be remaining open and fully operational. Although the bulk of our team are working from home (WFH), a limited number of staff needing to work in the office and workshop has allowed us to keep the office attended. All our designers and engineers have set-up WFH workstations with full access to our normal design/CAD software.

This means with our range of collaboration and IT systems in place, we’re able to continue our full range of team-based product development services for our clients.

Our Principals and Project Leaders will be available as usual via phone or email. Feel free to contact Cobalt about how the current situation may be affecting you, your business or your future plans.

From everyone at Cobalt, we hope that you and your loved ones stay safe and remain in good health.

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