Son of a Booze Bus

Recently the entire fleet of Victorian Booze buses has been upgraded to test for both drugs and alcohol. The original Cobalt designed vehicles have now become ‘Police Drug and Alcohol’ buses featuring new livery designed by Cobalt.

The upgraded fleet is another world-leading development for road safety initiated by the Victorian government’s Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) and Victoria Police.

The brief for the new livery was to clearly communicate the ‘drug and alcohol message’ whilst reinforcing the ‘authority’ of the vehicle. Retaining strong police elements, we also introduced the subtle use of silver and dynamic shapes to highlight that the ‘Booze’ bus now has some special additional technology. Winning an Australian Design Award in 2005, the interior of the bus was also upgraded with new scientific testing instruments.

A major media campaign supported by outdoor advertising heavily focuses on the new Police Drug and Alcohol buses to deliver TAC’s road safety message ‘If you drive on drugs, you’re out of your mind’.