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Boost Your Business 2019

Round 3 Boost Your Business Vouchers Now Open!

Cobalt is pleased to yet again be named as a Registered Service Provider within the Boost Your Business initiative for 2019.

‘Boost Your Business’ is a Victorian Government program supporting Victorian businesses to become more productive, employ more people, improve market access and profitability.

The initiative aids small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) that are on a growth trajectory and wish to implement a project that has the potential to deliver long term benefits such as improved productivity, jobs growth and/or increased exports. ‘Vouchers’ or blocks of funding provided can be put towards specialised services from registered providers in the areas of marketing, intellectual property management, research & development, business processing – and most excitingly product development.

This means that if your business is eligible to receive a Voucher from the Victorian Government, you can put that funding towards accessing Cobalt’s 20+ years of industry expertise in product development.

Using the funding you can work towards:

  • Progressing the commercialisation of a product
  • Funding product design activities
  • Small volume production
  • Product testing, validation, prototyping and verification
  • Conduct research and development activities

The program is open to Victorian-based businesses with a registered ABN, and have either 20-200 staff OR an annual turnover greater than $1.5M. The vouchers can range up to $50,000, on a dollar for dollar basis – a considerable boost for a business on the rise.

Naturally, as with any government program, terms, conditions and criteria apply, which you can read more about on their website here. In summary; if you’re a small business looking for product design excellence, Cobalt can help (along with a boost courtesy of the Victorian Government).

Interested? Then be quick! The third round of the voucher offers ends on Sunday the 12th of May 2019. Get started with LaunchPad, or give us a call on (03) 9320 2230 so we can help give you the boost you need.

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Cobalt Joins AMTIL

Cobalt is thrilled to announce that we’ve recently joined the Australian Manufacturing Technology industry association – or AMTIL for short.

AMTIL is the peak national body that represents manufacturing technology suppliers and users within engineering and advanced manufacturing industries.  Their reputation as a leading industry body has been demonstrated by being appointed to administer government industry grant schemes. This includes the recently announced Victorian “Build It Better” voucher grant*.

Cobalt understands finding the right manufacturing partner(s) can make or break a project.  According to Cobalt Principal, Warwick Brown, “One of Cobalt’s strengths is helping our clients expertly and independently find excellent suppliers especially when transitioning from design/development to production”.  And while Cobalt has decades of real world experience and an established network of suppliers, our AMTIL membership will allow us to expand our network and push our production support capabilities into emerging and advanced manufacturing.

Cobalt’s ‘Manufacturing Technology User’ membership provides us (and our clients) with access to:

  • Extensive manufacturing networks
  • Advanced manufacturing grants
  • Industry events and tradeshows (AusTech etc.)
  • Marketing and exposure (AMT Magazine etc.)
  • Breaking manufacturing news
  • AMTIL programs and platforms
  • Government representation

In addition, through AMTIL events and programmes, our engineers and designers can keep abreast of additive and advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring we apply the latest thinking to our client projects.

We look forward to the near future with AMTIL.

* AMTIL and the Victorian Government have joined forces to provide small to medium manufacturing businesses in Victoria with funding of up to $20,000 to undertake redesign/reengineering projects to increase their adoption of additive manufacturing technology. The Build It Better grant supports Victorian companies wishing to explore additive manufacturing technology. The grant runs for three years, starting from October 2018; a total grant budget of $1.3 million over three years is available for Victorian businesses. Find out more at:

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