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A new home for innovation, right on our doorstep

Although Melbourne recently lost its record-breaking title as the world’s most liveable city, perhaps a new innovation precinct, being built literally on Cobalt’s doorstep, will help win back the title.

The new Arden innovation precinct will be located at the western-end of North Melbourne. Once complete it will be home to 15,000 new residents and more than 34,000 jobs, most of them in knowledge industries.  The development will have a focus on innovation technology fields including life sciences, health and education sectors.

The development brings together several ‘smart cities’ initiatives, including sustainability, transport, recreational open spaces and accessible housing.  A cornerstone element will be a new underground station located less than 300m from Cobalt’s offices.

The Metro tunnel line will realign Melbourne’s creative landscape, by further connecting this area with the rest of the city and beyond. The new flagship station will directly link Cobalt and the innovation precinct with key university and health precincts, the city and the St Kilda Rd business district.  As well, the new rail line is planned to extend into the direct city to airport rail connection, allowing staff and clients to be speeding to the airport within a moment’s walk from our offices.

As a company built on collaboration and the ideals of socially responsible design, it will be energising to have access to the range of facilities and transport connections of this new precinct as it evolves in front of our eyes.

Regardless of whether Melbourne regains its title as the world’s most liveable city (although being the second most liveable is pretty good too!), with new initiatives like the Arden precinct  and the innovation, creativity and design it will inspire, we’re sure Melbourne will remain a recognised ‘global knowledge city’.

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