IXL Fresco Aurora

An outdoor appliance like no other

The Fresco Aurora is an elegant outdoor heater which combines radiant heating with mood and task lighting to create a unique product. Its inbuilt dual 1000W carbon fibre medium wave IR heat lamps generate enough heat to keep outdoor diners perfectly comfortable, even on cool winter nights, while the inbuilt coloured mood lighting allows users to set an atmosphere for different occasions.

IXL have been leaders in home appliances for over 150 years. The challenge for the Fresco Aurora was aspirational; it needed to stand out from IXL’s back-catalogue of appliances and reinvigorate the brand.

Cobalt was brought on board to design the exterior form of the heater. We needed to accommodate technical requirements into a chic, aesthetically pleasing form to compliment a variety of outdoor environments.

“There’s no denying the benefits of ’smarthome’ products are fuelling people’s interest in this category. And now this tech-driven approach has been applied to outdoor appliances,” says Cobalt Principal Steve Martinuzzo.

“With alfresco areas and outdoor entertaining being such a huge trend in Australia, the IXL Fresco Aurora was designed for comfort, performance and ease of control.”

The Fresco Aurora was also designed to be lightweight and heat resistant. Lighting systems are often prone to overheating – a concern that’s amplified when the lighting system doubles as an outdoor heater. By utilising heat resistant materials and ambient infrared heating, IXL ensured the Fresco Aurora can safely operate passively without fault.

The weight of the unit was also designed to be as minimal as possible. The colour-varying LED light strips illuminate on both sides of the appliance’s triangular form, giving a complete ambient atmosphere in an outdoor dining area. As a result, the appliance could only be roof mounted, as opposed to alternative appliances which could be mounted on walls as well. This fact came with its own set of problems and challenges, all of which Cobalt worked tirelessly to solve.

The end result is an outdoor entertaining appliance like no other. The Aurora’s sleek design and ambient functionality doesn’t just transform an outdoor space into a cosy, ambient dining experience; it’s pushed IXL’s appliance line into the modern era through innovative features and human-centred design.

Promotional images courtesy of IXL

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