GOAL! Concave's best boots to date

Concave 2016

Concave 2016: Stronger, sharper, further

Over sixteen years ago, a man with a wild idea walked through Cobalt’s door. His idea was to put a cupped instep on a football boot to help improve the distance and accuracy of kicks. He figured all the mainstream brands were so focused on the sole and grip, no one had thought about how the boot actually strikes the ball. Like all innovation, it seems obvious in hindsight. Fast-forward to now. With its 2016 range, Concave is ready to kick open Australian and global markets with its most complete and visually impressive range yet.

The launch of the Cobalt designed Concave Quantum2 and Halo football boots, delivers an unprecedented level of choice and ball kicking performance, for players of all levels. The Quantum2 boot’s focus on increasing the power of the kick is now complemented by the newly developed Halo boot that delivers superior ball feel and control in kicking.

Performance refined. Results proven

Concave’s boots give players a kicking ‘sweet spot’ 4 times larger than a traditional football boot. This combined with the unique ‘concave’ shaped upper provides an increase in kicking power of up to 15% and an increase in accuracy of 30%. These are not puffed up marketing claims; these results have been measured and proven in University tests.

According to Deakin University’s biomechanics expert Kevin Netto, “…most performance-enhancing drugs would give a player an edge of around 10 per cent. The Concave boot would give you an advantage of between eight to 15 per cent, legally”.

Years of ongoing development and refinement have been built on user insights and intimately knowing the needs and issues of their customers. From this, Concave has introduced this year the Halo, a boot that delivers a newly a heightened level of ball feel and control needed by high possession ‘mid-field’ players including Australian Rules as they are regularly making short passes by foot that need to be delivered with a high level of accuracy and consistency. Similarly, most soccer players, with the exception of specialist strikers, also prefer a heightened level of ball feel and control.

‘Game evolved’ campaign

Concave have launched their ‘Game evolved’ marketing campaign to promote their exciting new range of products. The campaign comprises video and print ads that depict a future, post-apocalyptic world, where a survivor with a bionic lower body unleashes his passion and power after discovering a ball within the ruins. Robocave’s performance advantage is analogous to the evolved advantage a Concave player will have in today’s pre-apocalyptic, but still ultra-competitive sporting arenas.

The advertisement above will screen on ‘Fox Sports’ and other domestic and international television stations in the first half of 2016.

Latest Designs

For the 2016 range, Cobalt has worked very closely with Concave on product design and development, including the design of a broad range of exciting new colourways.
The launch of the Quantum2 and Halo boots was recently recognised when Concave’s products were awarded as a finalist in the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards in the product design category.

More information: concave.com