New Cobalt Offices CGI Render

Cobalt Studio v3

Since earlier this year Cobalt has been implementing an update to our studio level. The new fit-out and upgrade will improve team layout and communications as well as incorporating new facilities and technologies. Once finished it will be the biggest upgrade to our facilities since moving into our building in 2005.

Whilst we are well versed to being the designer, being both designer AND client at the same time was a new experience. But with great input from the end-users (our own team), numerous mock-ups, CAD models and CGIs we have ended up with a fantastic outcome. The renovation is still in progress as we need to do the works around ongoing projects, with the final Stage 2 being planned for completion during the Christmas and January 2015 period.

Key elements of the design include:

  • Integrated AV facilities in the conference room
  • Desks arranged in islands to increase project team interactions
  • All workstations upgraded to twin screens mounted on Zgo monitor arms
  • Dedicated and flexible ProjectSpace featuring pin-up wall, and a secondary AV projector for interactive project team meetings. This area will have mobile storage plinths and drawing boards to allow us to create extra large areas for occasional events, including industry functions and student lectures.
  • New large format Wacom tablet monitors for digital sketching, bring total of these to 7
  • Relocation of our 2 rapid prototyping 3D printers
  • Mezzanine storage space for accessible project and sample archiving
  • New first floor reception area, and semi-partitioned offices for Principals.

The other objective of course was that the new office had to feel and look right for us. A studio is a place where spontaneous creativity as well as detailed and focussed analysis has to co-exist every day. Our team end up spending a huge part of their waking hours in this place, so we think getting this right is worth every effort it takes.

We look forward to having you drop in to see the new fit-out, especially when it is fully completed in the new year. In the meantime, here is a preview of CG-images created by Graeme Marshall, one of our Design team members.