Design Awards 2012

Design Awards 2012

Design Awards

Two Cobalt projects, the Zgo Monitor Arm and Minelab F3 Compact Mine Detector, were recognised at the 2012 Australian International Design Awards Gala Ceremony conducted in Sydney on 20 July 2012.

Best in Category, Design Award and Patron Prize

F3 Compact Mine Detector (for Minelab and Applidyne) won 3 awards; an Australian International Design Award; Best in Category for Business & Technology; and the Patron Prize. This year, the Patron’s Prize was introduced to recognise and celebrate the best Australian designed product or service. The Patron’s Prize is awarded to “one entry that has the potential to positively shape the future economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of our planet.” It was chosen and presented by the Award’s Patron, His Excellency Mr Michael Bryce.

Design Award

Significantly, the Zgo Monitor Arm for Zgonic won a Design Award in the Architectural & Interior category. This is a great reward for some exceptionally clever engineering and design.

The project shows the best that can be achieved with a well defined and challenging brief from an informed client. John Ellis, Zgonic’s CEO, is delighted with Zgo’s success at AIDA as it will give the new product critical profile and credibility within architecture and interior design groups.

Team Efforts

Both projects are the result of focused and sometimes inspired team efforts, both internally and within our client organisations. We acknowledge our team members behind these awards below:

Zgo Monitor Arm: Lorrin Windahl, Ricardo Figari, Warwick Brown, Daniel Booker, Andrew Beard & Ryan Harper

F3 Compact Mine Detector: Simon Andresen, Matt Reeves

We Survey What Our Clients Really Think

Cobalt Client Survey

Client Survey

Cobalt has a client centric philosophy that recognises the importance of understanding our client’s needs in order to develop great products that create value for manufacturers and users alike.

One element of Cobalt’s client focused philosophy has been our adoption of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is a customer loyalty metric that, when deployed diligently and regularly, heightens our internal focus on our clients’ needs and provides candid feedback.

Net Promoter Score TM

The NPS is a single numeric metric that simply but powerfully measures an organisation’s customer satisfaction and loyalty levels. NPS advocates cite compelling evidence that indicates good NPS figures are directly linked to future company performance. It is used in a range of small and large companies; some such as General Electric even use it to determine executive salaries.
NPS is a measure of ‘promoters’ (people who are likely to recommend an organisation to someone else) minus detractors (people unlikely to recommend, or even warn against using an organisation). People who are neither extreme are ignored in the scale. As extremes, NPS can be as high as 100 (everybody is a promoter) to as low as -100 (everybody is a detractor). An NPS that is positive (i.e. higher than zero) is felt to be acceptable, and an NPS of over 50 is excellent.

Cobalt – Customer Survey

Cobalt has implemented a customer survey initiative (initially fifty recipients) to gain insight from existing and past client contacts, as well as a mix of prospective clients and other influential industry figures (i.e. government, universities). Survey recipients were invited to anonymously complete the survey which consisted of 2 simple questions:

• Would you recommend Cobalt
• List the first three words that come to mind when thinking of Cobalt.

In addition, most people also left an optional comment. Client organisations represented the range of companies we work with, including multinational corporates and large private companies, to small start-ups and individual inventors. The survey data was used to generate Cobalt’s NPS.


From the 31 responses received, 22 answered ‘Extremely or Highly Likely’ to recommend Cobalt to a colleague, business associate or friend, and 2 answered ‘Moderately Likely’ or below. The rest answered ‘Very Likely or Likely’. Cobalt’s NPS result of 65 puts us slightly below Apple, but ahead of esteemed brands such as BMW and Sony, and way ahead of telcos and banks which are deep in negative territory. In summary, a pleasing first result and one that we are keen to monitor and further improve upon.


One of the most pleasing outcomes of the initial survey initiative has been the overwhelmingly positive comments made in the survey’s optional feedback field. These were made anonymously so we can’t attribute most, although some clients have been kind enough to agree to nominate their comments as below.

We work with you guys by choice. I considered using another firm for the current work, but you guys got it for all the right reasons”
Bio-Rad (USA)

A well run team of very creative designers”
Camatic Seating

As well as being highly creative, the team is always very professional, will pull out all the stops to meet commitments, and is friendly and very easy to work with”
Agilent Technologies

Great team. Great ideas. Love the ‘no problem, no issue, can do’ attitude from all team members”
The Fitness Generation

Like the people, like the vibe”

The whole team at Cobalt were a pleasure to deal with. To deal with such likeminded people was very rewarding”
Novas Architectural

More feedback

Other anomonyous feedback we received includes:

  • You pay for what you get and Cobalt do great things. Cobalt is a one stop shop that works passionately with customers producing high end material.
  • Professional and dedicated to industrial design practice at the highest level.
  • Professional outfit – great customer response.
    Our investment in using them has been paid for ten-fold through their experience and insights.
  • I had an incredible experience with Cobalt, where they put the time and effort in for someone that needed a bit of help, and they were happy to accommodate, with a smile.
  • Great team that has survived the test of time and impossible client demands.

TM The Net Promoter Score is a registered trademark of Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix.