KeepCup XS

KeepCup XS

Good Things Come in eXtra Small Packages

KeepCup recently introduced its first offspring; a little baby KeepCup called the XS (for extra small).

The outstanding success of the KeepCup reflects a totally aligned approach: great idea, ideal timing, innovative product design and clear branding.

From the start, the team behind KeepCup have made the right call in knowing when and where to invest in building their business from nowhere to a globally recognised leader in its field. So when it came to introducing a smaller 120ml (4 fluid ounce) version, KeepCup took the opportunity to build on their strengths and that of the existing development and manufacturing teams.

For cool-kids to the uber-cool

The KeepCup XS (or ‘Picollo’ as it was referred to during development) was always intended to be used by adults for short, espresso-style coffees as well as by kids wanting to be like mum and dad with their very own ‘babycino’ cup. During the design stage we explored alternative lids for each version, but in the end colour was enough of a differentiator.

As with other KeepCup’s, users can choose from a kaleidoscope of colours to find a combination for them. So whilst sophisticated urbanites would probably like their KeepCup XS’s in neutral dark colours for their short-blacks, there is nothing stopping them choosing bright, child-friendly primary colours instead. And vice-versa.

Continuous Improvement

As all the XS’s elements were new, we had an opportunity to refine and improve on the original. These design improvements are subtle, but address user observations and technical opportunities. The approach to continuous improvement is a mark of leadership and shows users (including individuals, corporates and retailers) that the brand is not resting on its past success.

Key design features include:
  • The Silicone Band locks positively to the Cup through a continuous groove in the sidewall. This detail required an innovative approach to tooling and moulding.
  • A combination of existing and fresh forms evolve the product language yet create an unmistakable link with the regular KeepCup.
  • Retention and sealing of the Plug to the Lid is improved. The Plug is large enough to be child safe.
  • The Cup base is reshaped to make cleaning easier
  • Like all other KeepCups, sealing between the Cup and Lid is engineered and tested hundreds of times to ensure a long life of refills
  • For no other reason than that we could, the top of the Lid is set at an angle giving this version its own personality and making it easier to orientate the Lid for drinking.

The XS is the first of a progressive range of KeepCup products which Cobalt looks forward to developing.