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Digital Design Suite

Cobalt’s design team have been further empowered by the recent acquisition of the surface modelling software package Alias.

With the addition of Alias, Cobalt’s comprehensive CAD suite rivals major multinational design groups. Alias provides a vital link complementing a complete digital design approach

Alias is the world’s leading product design oriented, free-surfacing CAD platform. It is used by all major automotive design studios and manufacturers in that it can create complex, Class-A surfacing within an interface specifically designed for industrial designers as opposed to engineers.

Engineering-focussed CAD modelling software is perfectly suited to highly precise final production design parts. However, Alias’s design oriented approach is often superior in its ability to transform evolving concepts, especially when a creative endpoint is still to be defined.

Our now complete suite of CAD software has streamlined the transition from a designer’s pen to an engineered product ready for manufacture.

No boundaries

According to Design Team Leader, Jack Magree, “being able to build virtual models of the final product very early in the design process has given our designers and engineers a new level of communication both internally and to our clients. We still need to sketch our way through initial solutions but soon after Alias comes into its own as we can resolve complex forms very quickly. Deliberate, complex and bold styling approaches are now much easier to achieve, opening up a new world of possibilities.

It’s as if we have turbo powered the designers with the freedom to create forms that inspire”. Our designers are now talking via their designs directly with the user rather than being interpreted through an engineering CAD program” says Jack.

The impact of this co-ordinated product design software on the design process suite is substantial. For example, the simple time efficiencies that result from this suite enable Cobalt’s designers to dedicate more thinking time to issues surrounding the user experience and product strategy.

It has taken years to build our skills and knowledge gained in traditional CAD and 3D surfacing programs that understand how to links these together within a creative design and engineering process. The addition of the latest Alias package now completes this suite, at least for the time being.