Minister launches our new website

Minister's Launch

Minister Launches New Cobalt Website

Cobalt’s new website went was launched last week by our local member Brownyn Pike MP, Minister for Education on 3 July 2009.

A long time in the making, the new Cobalt website went live on 3 July 2009. The launch ceremony was conducted by Minister Pike and attended by clients, association partners and staff from Lava and Cobalt.

The new Cobalt site features:

  • Searchable news and opinion features
  • Expanded case studies highlighting tangible commercial outcomes from design interventions
  • More background on our design processes and principles
  • A “Working Together’ section which takes out the unknowns of working with us
  • An online ‘Express Proposal’ form that prompts key development issues for users to consider

The site was developed with Lava, one of Australia’s leading website design and development groups.

A good website compresses, condenses and reflects a business into a plane of glass. Moving images, words and pictures that need to inform and entertain a whole world of audiences. The content must not talk down, but not be too technical. Be up-front, but not give all away. Be professional but sell as well.