Change Agents- designing a better way of drinking coffee

Introducing Keepcup

KeepCup: The new cafe experience

Have you wanted to do more to reduce your environmental footprint? Want to personalise that sacred coffee experience and enjoy your skinny-decaf latte like never before?

Cobalt Design together with our client, Bluebag proudly present KeepCup – a great idea turned into reality by strong vision, a commitment to sustainability and good design.

This unique, reusable coffee cup allows you to ‘make your mark’ in more ways than one. By avoiding traditional disposable cups you will be saving trees, energy and other resources used to make and dispose of paper cups. KeepCup have conservatively estimated a plastic cup would use less energy than a paper cup after only 12 uses. KeepCups save resources, but don’t sacrifice style. Each of the KeepCup’s parts: cup, lid, plug and band, are available in several colours creating an exponential number of combinations; you can create your own bespoke coffee cup. Even the bands can be printed or embossed with branding to reflect preferences or causes.

This sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups has a home with three key user groups

Retail customers; people like you and me who love their coffee but want a way to reduce their ecological impact.

Cafes; the KeepCup was designed to suit commercial espresso machines (fitting under the group head) and to nest efficiently. They can also be used within loyalty programmes where cafes can encourage re-use and return business through discounts for refills

Corporates; major companies, banks and government departments encourage sustainable practice within their organisations by purchasing KeepCups for their staff.

The KeepCup is currently available in three sizes and a million colour and design combinations. To place your order, please contact