10 Years of KeepCup

For the last decade, the Cobalt-designed KeepCup has changed the way people drink coffee around the world.

Abigail & Jamie Forsyth first approached Cobalt in 2008 looking to develop a new reusable coffee cup. The brother and sister team had a decade of coffee-related insights running their café ‘Bluebag’ in Melbourne, and sought to reduce the use of the thousands of disposable cups they were giving away to customers every week. Reusable cups already existed, but none had captured the hearts and minds of consumers.

Armed with insight, Abigail & Jamie engaged Cobalt to develop what would become the iconic KeepCup. Originally titled Project ‘Infinit’ (given the re-usable nature of the cup), Cobalt finished refining the cup in July 2008. Ten years later, over 8 million KeepCups had been sold, diverting potential billions of disposable cups from landfill across the globe.

Watching the success of the KeepCup over the last 10 years has been professionally satisfying for us at Cobalt. From the Original KeepCup has stemmed further design variants, including the KeepCup Brew, with a tempered soda-lime glass body and sustainable cork band, or the KeepCup LongPlay which features a removable Tritan booster to increase durability, retain temperature and protect the user’s hand from heat.

Here at Cobalt we’ve been proud to share this journey with KeepCup as their design partners for every detail; from the cup’s iconic silhouette to giving technical support through all production steps.

KeepCup has surpassed milestone after milestone in the last ten years, such as being named Melbourne’s Business of the Year in the City of Melbourne’s Business 3000 awards in 2009. Other awards have included the USA Gourmet Product Award, the Australian Eco Buy Award, Most Innovative Product Award from the International Autumn Fair in the UK, as well as a suite of other international victories, commendations, and finalist places. The worldwide success of the KeepCup brand has also opened them up to partnerships with leading brands, like their partnership with Sea Shepherd or the exclusive Star Wars KeepCups.

Something worth far more than the accolades, however, is the way that KeepCup normalised the perception of reusable coffee cups. The proliferation of knock-off & imitations is evidence of the real behavioural change Keepcup’s design has fostered.

We look forward to applying our creativity for another decade to keep KeepCup as an exemplar, sustainable product.

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