We recently relived our childhoods when designing a range of Star Wars themed KeepCups.

The range includes recent characters BB8 and Rey, as well as the old faithful characters of R2-D2, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. Chewbacca is also soon to make an appearance.

Interpretation was the key to evoking the spirit of these iconic Star Wars characters within the constraints of KeepCup’s core elements. Like all KeepCups, the band is the primary means of expression so we incorporated key moulded-in shapes and printing onto the custom silicone bands.

As well, special printing able to adhere to the polypropylene Cup was specified for the branding on the outer Cup wall, and the Lid, Cup and Plug are in complementary colours to suit the character theme.

One subtle but important change we made was to refinish one of the lid tool cavities to have a high-gloss finish. These are used for the white Stormtrooper and black Darth Vader and really lift the visual punch of these models. They also help to differentiate them from standard KeepCups which have textured lids.

All industrial designers grow up absorbing the imagined worlds of science-fiction movies. So having our own taste of this made-up world was greatly enjoyed.

You can order your very own Star Wars KeepCup soon through the online KeepCup store.

May the force be with you!

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