Australia's Top 20 Inventions

Good Weekend magazine (published by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age) recently assembled a panel of experts to identify and honour Australia's most significant creations. Along with penicillin and the black-box flight recorder was Cobalt's KeepCup!

The panelists included Suzanne Cory, president of the Australian Academy of Science, Roy Green, UTS dean of business, Paul Berkemeier, president of the Australian Institute of Architects, and Stuart Cunningham, director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation.

Along with Cochlear’s bionic ear and Howard Florey’s penicillin, Cobalt’s KeepCup was included within this exclusive list of 20 top inventions. The KeepCup was cited as a ‘clever eco innovation, designed to reduce the use of disposable cups’.

Other inventions included the boomerang, refrigeration, the stump-jump plough, the powered rotary hoe and feature films.

We are truly humbled to have one of our product designs considered by such an eminent panel and included within this amazing list of world changing innovations.

Reference: Good Weekend, 25 January 2014